Vet to Vet is a consumer/provider partnership program that utilizes veterans in recovery in a peer-counseling capacity to help other veterans. Vet to Vet is administered by veterans who themselves have been consumers of VA mental-health services.

Vet to Vet provides a six-week, peer-facilitator training program that teaches veterans how to facilitate peer group sessions and introduce program learning topics. We welcome your support!

About Us

We work to improve and increase mental health services through community education and service. We work together not against each other. We try to find solutions through education. Our motto is Gladly Teach, Gladly Learn.

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Read or download Vet to Vet facilitator training materials; Illness Management & Recover documents; Academic Papers, or poetry and drawings by Moe Armstrong

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Moe Armstrong's Story

Read the story of Moe Armstrong, founder of Vet to Vet USA

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