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Illness Management & Recovery (IMR) is an evidence-based practice program that helps people:

  • Set meaningful goals for themselves
  • Obtain information and learn skills to have power over psychiatric illness
  • Maintain focus and make progress toward persona goals

Please click on the links below for an IMR Overview, the complete IMR Workbook, and other fact sheets and forms that may be helpful.

IMR Overview
Provides the concepts and goals of IMR.

Illness Management & Recovery Workbook, Park 1
Includes IMR Basics and Practitioners’ Guidelines.

Illness Management & Recovery Workbook, Part 2
Includes Educational Handouts.

Illness Management & Recovery Workbook, Part 3
Includes the IMR Group Manual and Session-by-Session Guide.

Setting Goals
Answers questions for persons who are new to the concept of goal-setting.

Goal Tracking Form and Goal Tracking Example
Provides a form and example of goal-tracking, which is essential to IMR. All who receive IMR services receive ongoing, non-intrusive, non-judgmental and non-authoritarian tracking of goals and accomplishments, offered in a nurturing and supportive manner.

Healthy Lifestyle
Shows how diet change, exercise and lifestyle-monitoring help improve the healing effects of IMR.

Group Progress Notes
IMR can be done individually and in groups. This sample of Group Progress Notes shows how IMR is applied in a group setting.